About Us

DSC_0017Elisabeth Nieuwhof and Julie Wilting are two dedicated women who want to serve the Lord in all they do.  Whether they are preparing a meal for their farm hands, serving their church in ministry or music, creating their home into a place of sanctuary or enjoying nature they both strive daily to do the will of their heavenly Father.

Seasoned Days is close to their hearts. These two women have known each other for years, but circumstances brought them together to pray, to mentor and to encourage one another.  In the past they have organized many events together and have enjoyed working together. They discovered they make a good team.  Their gifts compliment one another beautifully and they share many of the same interests.

Seasoned Days was created as a way to encourage others. It was created especially for those who thanklessly serve others in various ways and for those who do a lot for others without asking or expecting anything in return. They also create a space for those who are in leadership roles and may be in need of some down time for renewal. Their program includes a time of inspirational Bible reading, meaningful discussion, lively games and to top it all off a delectable, home made meal. So far their program has been received well and appreciated by many.

The purpose of their website is to inspire those who serve others so others can continue to serve.

Please pray that the Lord will bless all their efforts and guard their hearts as they continue seasoning others.