The Drawing Challenge

crayonsEach participant in the group received the same tools.
– a clipboard with the beginning of a drawing
– a box with 8 crayons – some of these were broken   purposely
Ladies were asked to complete the picture, without looking at their neighbour’s “masterpiece”.
There was no right or wrong way, just everyone’s own interpretation of the image. Some ladies were hesitant at first, some could not help but glance sideways to glean some inspiration from her neighbour.
It was so interesting to see the outcome.

Image given to everyone
Image given to everyone


Discussion Questions:
– Did you use all the crayons in your box?
– Did you use the broken crayons?

These questions led to some great discussions.
As individuals do we use all the gifts that God has given us, even the the things we don’t like doing, or the things we think we are not good at?
As a church community do we “use” or “over-use” some of people?
Do we encourage others to use their gifts and talents?
Looking at the talents of others can be our downfall, however at the same time we can also be inspired by others to use our gifts.
God created all of us to be unique – with varied gifts and talents – that He wants us to use for His Glory.

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